Why Use Coin CoLab

Other crypto currency trading services charge to buy, sell, transfer & miner fees!.

All over the web you can read about the scams, outrageous transactions fee's and difficulties it is to start crypto trading. Some of these companies have even made a billion $$ doing so, so before you start trading you are already down by upwards of 10%. Thats insane. Also as crypto is somewhat of a new platform for most, we make mistakes but if you do with these companies they say there is nothing we can do. Thats why we exist, to level the playing field. A system like no other with no Tx %'s, and support that will help.

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New to Crypto ?

Dont worry we are a community here to help because we are comprised of people just like you. Just a few things you'll have access to from CoinCoLab

  • Charts by users and what they like about a particular currency.
  • Videos explaining the markets and the what/whys of a coin/token.
  • Validated information on pump and dump to be aware of (junk coins).
  • Prizes and payments by contributing to our community.

How it Works

Here are the 3 Easy scenario to trade & buy digital currency. No matter how technical or non technical you are, this is as easy as it gets.

To Buy Crypto Currencies

Add the quantity, select the coin and checkout via the method you please. No need to upload documents, buy BTC first, provide social's nor pay a transaction fee to purchase.

Sell Your Crypto Coins

Add the quantity, select the coin and place the ad. Once the ad goes live it gets fieled out to every member, posted to social media and other sources to sell at the price you wish.

Trade Coins

Add the quantity of the coin you have and the coin you would like to trade for. It gets posted live and sent to all members who might potentialy want to trade.


Here are the keys to growing our community and elimanting those other clowns.

2017 - 2016
Head of Coin Establishment

1 person per state/providence to manager their zones.

2016 - 2015
Mobile app

The most simpliest app for buying and selling process that a 5 year old can trade crypto.

2015 - 2014
Ad Network

Mass adoption network for advertising all things crypto and digital currency so all users of CryptoCoLab with stakes make money.

2014 - 2013
Teach 100k on Digital Currency

Educate crypto traders and all who want to understand and make better choices with digital currencies.

2013 - 2012
Established Community

100k active users who are commited to helping and community partipation to promote good crypto practices.


We Need Your Help

We are a peer to peer system and going to have a stake base system(read more). As well as rewards in they form of crypto-currency & bronze/silver bullion.

Techincal Needs

Python developers, cyber sec pro's, server admins with experience with load balancing on Nginx, web devs and block chain experts.

Other needs

Crypto bloggers, experts to teach about crypto trading, digital marketing, online scouts.